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Successful Program Outcome 1

Empowering familes to make good choices by introducing
new pathways that promote healthy relationshps.

- Educate mothers regarding legal family, personal and professional issues;
- Help families overcome a profound sense of loss and stigma;
- Counsel families through Post Traumatic Stress and other disorders;
- Help families work out of deeper economic hardships and abuses;
- Provide training in anger management, parenting and health education.

Successful Program Outcome 2

What We Do
Train Mothers, Assist Families &
Mentor Children to Keep Hope Alive

- Provide Transport for Child Visits;
- Provide Mentoring for Children of Clients;
- Facilitation of 300+ Family Counseling Sessions annually;
- Reuniting 200 + Mothers with their Children and Communities Annually;
- Organizing Resources\Support for Family Education and Social Reconnections.

Mom & daughter

R.E.N.E.W.: (Re-Entry for New Emerging Women) a comprehensive plan is created for each mother and their children which includes counseling with clinical supervision to facilitate immediate peer-support and extend coordinated and sustained support after prison.  RENEW also provides clients with small emergency grants when they are in need of transportation to job interviews\employment, uniforms required by employers, first and last month's rent, utility bills, medication for families and expenses to set-up households such as bedding and clothing.

LEGAL ADVOCACY: works with public and private child welfare agencies to provide clients with services concerning issues with visitation rights, child custody, foster care, caretaking, parenting and family support.   Staff, volunteer lawyers and legal interns act as client liasons with social workers, foster care reviewers and attorneys to provide critical legal information concerning child custody for clients, until they can obtain regular legal counsel.   Legal advocates offer workshops covering topics such as the child welfare and court systems in relation to custody, visitation, alternative caretaking and adoption options.

FAMILY VISTATION: offers a "lifeline" to incarcerated mothers by ensuring transportation for regular visits and phone contact remain in place between women in prison and their children. We match volunteers who act as friends and advocates to help support the children of incarcerated mothers through counseling, recreational programming and help with school and medical visits. 

CHILDREN AND MENTORS PARTNERSHIP (CAMP): minimizes the impact of separation and incarceration on children who are four to fourteen years of age by matching these children with nurturing mentors, who have the charge of monitoring the various areas in a child's life.   The mentors are trained to engage positive attention with and from the children. Mentors are sensitized to develop the ability to listen and respect the feelings of children who's mother's are incarcerated.  The CAMP Program matches adult mentors with children of incarcerated mothers, to provide the necessary resources for helping these innocent and devastated children succeed in school and in life.

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