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Facing Unique Challenges

By 2001, the US female prison population had increased 72%
from 12,000 to 85,000 due to lack of education and resources.

- Incarcerated women are primarly non-violent property offenders;
- Most show psychiartric disorders from physical or sexual abuse;
- Most come from extreme poverty and have a lack of skills.

- 80% of incarcerated women reported an income
of less than $2,000/year before their arrest.

- Two-thirds of women in the prison system have
minor children and many are single mothers.

- 500,000 children nationwide are separated from their mothers

- There is a lack of resources and programs which
reunite mothers with their children and communities.

- Children of incarcerated mothers have an increased probability
of difficulty in school as well as academic and social failure.

- Children also experience a profound sense of loss and stigma.

- Children experience symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress,
Attention Deficit and Attachment Disorders.

- Children experience deeper economic hardship and poverty,
exposure to substance abuse and sexual or physical abuse.

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