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Mission Statement

Aid to Incarcerated Mothers is a non-profit organization
created to help incarcerated women and their children while
they are imprisoned and after they are released back into the community.

State Representatives
Founded in 1979

Home S.P.A.C.E., Inc. created its AIM component in 1979, to address the challenges that
incarcerated mothers face when they try to return to their communities and familes after
their time has been served. These challeges include: reuniting with their families, housing,
medical care, education and barriers to employment due to their record of incarceration.

AIM has a history of proven results showing incarcerated mothers can become
empowered to meet the challenges before them as they try to reintegrate into society.

AIM's services meet these challeges by providing family visitation, legal advocacy,
counseling, education, re-entry support, peer education and mental healthcare.

Our personnel include case managers, social workers, attorneys, psychiatrists, psychologists,
interns and volunteers who provide a wide range of services from accompanying clients to
court to individual treatment, group assessments, counseling, education and training classes.

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